Saturday, 6 June 2015

Blind Trust - Jody Klaire

Book Series Title; Above and Beyond, book 2

Published; 4th June 2015, Bedazzled Ink

Source; owned, ebook

The Set Up;

Talented but tormented empath, Aeron Lorelei, is back. Having found a measure of peace and acceptance in the home town that feared and shunned her for years, Aeron has begun to trust in herself and her abilities. Of course six months of gruelling training in a CIG boot camp haven't helped with that, but now Aeron has some leave and is looking forward to some down time with her friend, Commander Rennee Black. But things never do go to plan for Aeron and an avalanche stranding her and Renee in a small mountain town is almost par for the course. And then Renee shoots someone for no apparent reason and Aeron is once again faced with small town minds and attitudes as she battles to get to the truth and prove that her friend is not guilty before it's too late...


After what seemed like a very long wait, I was really pleased to see Aeron back again. As with The Empath there are plenty of twists and turns here to keep you guessing as well as plenty of nail biting action. The glimpses inside the killers head are genuinely chilling, a real look at a disturbed mind. 

I'll admit I was disappointed that we didn't get to hang out with Aeron at her mill but there were plenty of familiar faces and plenty of new friends too, so it was a short lived disappointment. Best of all Nan was back - this made me happy. As far as the writing was concerned, it is even more polished now without losing that wonderful voice which draws you on. The structure was sound - perhaps the plot was a shade less engaging than book one but I think that was more me than anything; I love origin stories. 

From snow bound mountain rescues to the gentle rescuing of those locked in their own minds, you'll be spell bound and on the edge of your seat as Aeron does her thing. Loved this - gobbled it up in a few hours (hours when I should really have been sleeping...) - and can't wait for more. Luckily it looks as though there are another five books in the series as well as an unrelated novel 'Le Vie en Bleu' in the pipeline, so I'm not being cut off from my JK fix for a while yet. More please! The wait was worth it.

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