Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Deliver Me - Kate Jarvik Birch

Published; 15th April 2014, Bloomsbury Spark

Source; ebook, owned

My Rating; 3 out of 5 stars

The Set Up;

Wynne and her best friend, Odessa, have grown up under the guidance of the union. Brought up to believe that the greatest service they can provide for the Union, the greatest honour they can achieve is to be selected as Carriers - who will bear the future children of their people, both girls dream of the day they will be chosen. When they turn sixteen, however, Odessa is chosen after the exams and Wynne is not. Instead Wynne is sent for training as a delivery assistant, acting as midwife for the union's perfectly planned babies. As both girls slip further into their roles, Wynne finally begins to see the Union for what it is...


This is comprised of many of the now standard YA dystopian tropes and themes - which is fine, I love dystopian fiction, it's definitely my jam. However this book did not do as much with them as it could have done. Yes it's a horrific futuristic society in which women are subjugated and brainwashed and their bodies are owned by the state yadda yadda yadda... This is almost becoming a staple in YA dystopian fiction now and tbh The Handmaid's Tale already covered that idea; this doesn't really add anything. 

It's an okay read. The MC is fairly engaging, the plot is reasonably tight and well paced, the story is fairly gripping. Where it really falls down is at the end or rather the abrupt halt. This is the second book I've read by this author and both of them just stop mid action rather than coming to a well-considered and planned conclusion. Perhaps subsequent books are planned but that is no excuse for not finishing a novel in such a way that it can stand alone. I forgive a lot with dystopian fiction because I love it; I don't care if we end up examining the same ideas over and over again - just give me a slightly different angle. 

I will read whatever this author produces next because I do like her style, I just hope that she expands on her themes to cover the many things that haven't been done in YA dystopian fic and that she stops shying away from making the nasty stuff as nasty as it really should be. It's maddening to get halfway there are and then being cut off. The author obviously has talent, I guess I just want her to stretch herself because I believe she can do better than this.

Having ranted on my opinion, for many people this and its ideas/ themes will be new, so definitely give it a go. It's leagues better than Lauren Oliver's Delirium series for example. 3 stars and fingers crossed for the next book taking no prisoners.

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