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Tales of a Librarian is Currently closed to review requests. 

I will be taking requests again from 1st February 2017 as usual. ( I'm afraid life sort of imploded around me so this is to allow me to catch up with a towering backlog. If you submitted a request during the interim period before 7th November 2016, you will still be considered. If I've contacted you, then your book will be reviewed as soon as I get to it. Other reviews will continue as normal.)

How to Improve Your Chances of  Review

Follow these simple steps to up your chances of a 'yes' when asking me to review your book.

1) Read the review policy below. It's courtesy - if you want me to spend several hours reading and reviewing you book, ten minutes reading my review policy isn't much to ask.

2) Read and comment on a few of my reviews. I do this because I love books but when my blog audience grows then you as a writer whose book I may well be reviewing will benefit. Plus it will let you know if my style is for you. 

3) Address the email to me and don't include me in a batch of 'form' review requests. Really nothing is less flattering that 'Dear Blogger' or pitching straight in with a request. 

4) Make my life easier. If your book fits a genre I review, include a blurb, a cover jpeg, a bit about yourself, your social media and website links. Don't email me a book and a note that says I can find out more by clicking the link. You are already asking for time, which is the most precious commodity any of us has. The more I have to do, the less likely I am to pick your book.

5) Check which genres I actually read. My inbox gets flooded with books from authors who haven't read my review policy, who send me books I don't read and it takes time to sort them out. This is time taken away from authors whose books I will review.

6) Make a personal connection. Comment on reviews. Follow the blog. Follow me on twitter @J_AnneIronside and say hi. Talk to me about books you like there. I will remember you and me being human, I'm going to be more inclined to read your book. 

Updated Review Policy

Authors, Publishers, Publicists and other Writerly Folk

Please take the time to read this in order to avoid misunderstandings, misconceptions or just generally crossing the streams. If you are interested in me reviewing a book, you can contact me (Jules / Tales of a Librarian/ Librarian) at librarianheartreads [AT] gmail [DOT] com

What I'll Review; 
I'm an eclectic reader who enjoys many different types of writing and various genres. However due to the mountainous pile of email I am now getting on a daily basis, I am having to restrict what I can realistically accept. The following genres are most likely to get a yes:

Paranormal/ supernatural (including paranormal romance and mystery)
Fantasy (all stripes - epic, high, urban, timeslip etc)
Sci-fi (All stripes - space opera, high concept, alternate reality, post apocalypse)
Fairy tale re-tellings
Horror (love ghost stories and quietly disturbing horror. Also Lovecraftian type stuff. Some gore is fine but if it's a complete splatter-fest you may want to go elsewhere unless the characters and the plot are very strong - excessive gore bores me.)
Zombie (see previous)
Speculative Fiction that doesn't fit into an above category but contains strong elements of those genres.
Historical fiction
YA - any genre including romance and real life issues

If your book fits in here, however imperfectly, then please go straight to sending me a mobi file of the book. There is no need to query - it just adds even more email to the pile and delays the process.

Query me for: 

Literary fiction
Commercial women's fiction

I am less likely to accept these genres as I am much fussier about what I read within those genres. Please send me a short query email and include the blurb, a link to the book (amazon, your website etc) and what makes your book stand out. If I'm interested, I will reply and ask for a copy of the book. If you don't receive a reply in two weeks, then unfortunately it's a no thank you. Please don't just send the book for these genres.

I Do Not Review:

Romance (I don't care how many hunky highlanders are in it. Unless there is a strong speculative element, I am not interested.)
Non-Fiction (not on request, anyway)

This blog is primarily for new releases - basically anything released within the last year. However if a pitch wows me, I may well read a backlist book and add it to my backlist review page.

 I don't care whether a book is published by the one of the Big Five, a small press, an Indie Publisher or Self Published. If it's good, I'll read it. That said, books that are not edited to a professional standard, which clearly need more work, are not going to find a welcome audience here. (I do Beta read but this is something that is organised private to this site. So no first drafts please!)

Unsolicited; I am open to receiving unsolicited books via my email address. I cannot promise to reply to each pitch but I will try. If I think a book does not look like a good fit for me, then I won't review it. No one would benefit if I did. But just because I turn one book down, doesn't mean you shouldn't hit me with another one in the future. Even I don't know what will tickle my literary fancy half the time.  

Format; I prefer ebooks. Ideally Mobi. Please DO NOT send PDFs if you can possibly avoid it. They are a pain to read on an ereader. Your work will always be treated with respect and in confidence, never disseminated or copied or otherwise used, other than for the express purpose of review on this blog. I love hardbacks but I just don't have the space for hard copy books. (Although I will admit that a few books I have reviewed here from email enquiry, I have later purchased in hard copy because they were so good.) I will review audio books but bear in mind that this will take me longer. 

Source; At the beginning of each review, I will always quote the source (if any) of the book. I will also say if it was an ARC (an early review copy) owned, borrowed from the library etc. I do not accept or ask for compensation in return for a review - the book is enough. I read what I want to read, regardless of where the book came from. It's that simple.

Reviews; All reviews are my honest opinion of the book. While I find no merit in harsh or destructively negative reviews, I will say what I think without crossing those boundaries. Its worth checking out some of my other reviews here or on Goodreads first for an idea of my style. If you don't like my style, then I'm probably not the book blogger you're looking for. I will generally display a copy of the cover image of a book with each review.

Timing; My TBR pile is always big enough to attack the Enterprise (which is how I like it) so if I've agreed to review an already published book or a backlister, it may take me a while. However if I receive an ARC or an early release copy, I will do my best to read and review within one month. If I've agreed to participate in a blog tour or guest spot, then I will hit the dates we agree on. If for any reason I cannot fulfil my side of the agreement, I will contact you to make further arrangements. Life, afterall, does occasionally intervene.

Schedule; I will review between one and three books a week. If I have a stretch of free time (oh so rare) then it may be more. Reviews will be as long as they need to be. A shorter review is no reflection of how much or little I liked a book. Sometimes I whitter, sometimes I don't.

Ratings; I use a five star rating system.
5* -  It's rare for me to give out five stars and when I do it can seem (to the casual observer) somewhat arbitrary. If I really love a book that is technically flawed I may still award it five stars - I loved it and will re-read it and will likely ASK to read the author's next book.
4* - Four stars is a very good/ excellent read - will definitely read more books by that author.
3* - Three stars is good - I'd probably read other books by that author.
2* -Two stars is ok but either not for me or something just didn't sit right - unlikely to read more by that author at that stage of their career.
1* - One star, well this is really reserved for if I find something derivative, lazy or sloppy - won't be reading from that author again.

In the unlikely event that I can't rate (at all) something I've agreed to read, or I just find a book unfinishable, I will offer feedback privately. Always bear in mind that reading is a highly subjective experience; my opinions are just that - opinions. 

Copyright; I hold copyright to all content in this blog unless otherwise stated. No part may be used without my permission.

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